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Jeffery Hale

COLUMBUS (Chetan Rakieten/Sean Rowe) -- Organizers call it the craziest parade in history. And, if you were there in the Short North District Saturday, you probably would agree with them.

Revelers say The Doo Dah Parade -- which always takes place the day after the Fourth of July holiday -- is all about expressing yourself.

And, this parade has to be seen to be believed.

Watch the ABC 6 On Your Side video player above!

Doo Dah 2015 Pic's by JEFF HAGOOD "The Doo Dah Parade is a satirical look at current events and a free form self expression held every year in Columbus on July 4th. It's always very entertaining and lots of laughs as long as you're not too serious!!"  Jeff Hagood

The 32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade triumphantly celebrates community lunacy and liberty"Tony Bentivegna. The recent 32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade triumphantly celebrated community lunacy and liberty on hallowed ground at Goodale Park while also boasting a free music block party at High Street and Buttles Avenue that ran from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Yes, a full contingent of Fourth of July festivities unbroken, for once, by the merciless rain seemingly plaguing every big locally planned event lately."  Composed, edited and posted by Managing Editor Breck J. Hapner

A Media Doo Dah Virgin's full report of Doo Dah Day!  My experience at the Doo Dah Parade.  By Kristian Campana of 

 Columbus Dispatch photos & Article by "Ah, so this is Doo Dah, the self-proclaimed “Worst Parade East of the Mississippi,” an express-yourself spectacle now in its 32nd year. The procession, which runs across Buttles, up Neil, along Second avenues and down N. High Street, kicked off at 1 p.m. with a group singalong of The Star- Spangled Banner led by a man in electric-pink fishnet stockings."

AWL- The Dabbling Doom of Doo Dah!! - The Artist Wrestling League.  You'll wrestle with yourself over how politically incorrect, yet hilarious these kids are.

Columbus Underground Photos 2015  "The 32nd annual Doo Dah Parade took place on this sunny (finally) afternoon of July 4th. Marchers of all shapes and sizes took to the streets of Victorian Village to entertain the thousands that turned out to partake in the festivities. - Matt Ellis is a freelance photographer who covers bands that visit the city and the Columbus Crew MLS team. More about Matt can be found at Matt Ellis Photography

By: Wild Bill Productions

by Nathaniel Terry

Ode to Doo Dah 2015

So after many days of napping, putting stuff away, paying Doo Dah bills, and generally simply recovering, I’m back on my feet. Doo Dah!

What got me moving again, is really what got me most moved at Doo Dah. You. You, singing the National Anthem so loud and proud as if nothing but country pride coursed through your veins.

You. You made me and the city laugh so hard with your razor sharp satirical humor. Don’t you just love that next day feeling when your stomach muscles hurt from using them so much from laughing?

Some good news is, the Marching Fidel’s took only willing subjects to Cuba this year; sold them some goods and then kicked them back to the good old U.S. of A.

Jim Maneri was back from his cruise ship's three hour tour to lead and drop the baton for the band of bohemian musicians playing the best off-key and out of tune instruments while stumbling down the streets of Columbus.

Speaking of streets. You jammed packed the parade route so much that next year we’re going to have add some more blocks to the Doo Dah route!! The folks on Neil & Dennison should be happy about this news!

You, you, and you! The parade route was 100% parade again!! 3rd year in a row that the begging of the parade got to the end of the parade as the end of the parade was begging the parade! Follow that?

The amount of people “in” the parade may have set a record! One of these days we really ought to take a head count. But, by time the parade rolls around to High Street there actually are more people in the parade than there were when it started out. Plus, some people stop to play at friends’ houses and never get back into the parade or they bring more people out with them to march. So, try and count that chaos.

Try to count the V.I.P.’s secretly watching Doo Dah along the parade route.
I “heard” that not only was Mayor Michael B. Coleman and former Governor Ted Strickland there, supposedly so was OSU's Gene Smith and Urban & Shelley Meyer. Or, is this just a new Urban legend?

Speaking of legends. Less-Than-Grand Marshal Gregg Dodd took his role of responsibility to the maximumgloodiolus legendary level. Good luck to next year’s Less-Than-Grand Marshal to try to top Mr. Dodd’s pride and excitement level. It is not required of future LTGM’s to perform splits.

I’m going spit here. Again, thank you and to everyone who made Doo Dah 2015 another one for the hysterical history books!

Love from the Land of Doo Dah,
Mz Doo Dah, Deb Roberts. Your ChairChick & Queen of Doo Dah.

There's a lot of people to thank for 2015, but zany people of the following floats gets extra kudos!


Young Professionals Against Diabetes

Yay Bikes

WWII Girls

Wrecking Ball

We’re not going to bake it anymore

Walking Eyeballs

Vegans – Give Pea’s a Chance

Vagina Gals (guys)

V.W. Dog Bug

Tropical DisEnchantment

TigerTree got laid

Three legged guy

The Supremes,” featured five justices

The Silver Armed Bandits

The F*#k It List

Supreme Justice – Big Head


Speedo Guy on Bike 

Solo Tuba Guy – Looking for a band

SOB’s – Society of Oppressed Bakers

Silly bikes – Tall & Short & Long


Save the WereWolf (Endangered Species)

Roller Derby Girls

Rocky Horror Picture Show Troupe - Stop Looking at our Butts

Queen of Balls – Jaw’s Balls

Politician Michael Stinzanio wearing funny hat

Ooh, La, La’s

Nuns on High Street 

National Anthem

Mono Wheel Uncle Sam

Miss Road Kill 2015

Marching Fidel’s “Welcome to Cuba!”

Man in electric-pink fishnet stockings.

Ludwig Van Beethoven coming to Newport

Liz’s Lemons restaurant headstones

Less-Than-Grand Marshal – Dodd Loves You!


Jeri’s Splendid Oral Care

Improv comics

Human Fish Aquarium

Human fire hydrant

Hula girls

Horror Heap

Giant puppets

Giant Gold Fish

Former Govern Ted Strickland (as himself)

Flour Power + Flour Child, Wilbur Hills Country Club

Equation Car

Doo Dah Uber Car Company - Stretch Golf Cart Limo

Doo Dah Band (Band with no name)

Devil on Motorcycle

Dancing Diva’s

Dance Walk Columbus

Columbus Ghost Busters

Columbus Comic Rule – Angry Toast

Citizens for larger parking spaces - 1973 Lincoln Mark IV

CD102.5 “For Sale” 25 Years of Beers

Car Art – Skeleton

Car Art – Cornlumbus

Car Art – Cork My Ride

Car Art – Baby Doll Heads

Captain Ohio

Buckeye Lake – Just Add Water

Buckeye Lake – Got Mud?

Buckeye Lake – Dam (Damn) problem!

Bert and Ernie in bondage

Bernie Sanders for President Club

Belly Dancers - Stop the Tyranny of Auto Renewals


Bald eagle wearing a miniskirt

Artist Wrestling League

Army guy in Scooter

"I am Doo Dah!"

Doo Dah 2015

32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade!
Celebrate Liberty & Lunacy and the freedom of speech, through humor with off the wall range of mischiefs, grounded super heroes, political debacles, homegrown satirists, and the other bohemian frolickers winding thru the Short North.  Political Satire at Its Worst!  Sharpen your pencil...Sharpen your wit...Get Ready for your interview... and march in the 32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade With Less-Than-Grand Marshal Gregg Dodd! (The most interviewed man on earth!).  Stand and belt out the National Anthem at 1:00 p.m. then the Parade stumbles and starts thereafter.  Line-up begins somewhere around Noon at Goodale & Park. There's a FREE Music Block Party at High & Buttles from 10 a to 10 p.  Watch or March in the Craziest Parade in History!   No entry fee, Just show up!

Columbus, OH

Saturday, July 4th

Parade @ 1:00 p.m.

Line-up somewhere around Noon

Block Party 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

March in the 32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade

With Less-Than-Grand Marshal Gregg Dodd! 
(The most interviewed man on earth!)

DisOrganizer DisHonoree John Allen
& The Short North Tavern Staffers!


No Entry Fee!  Just Show Up!! 



Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Worst Parade East of the Mississippi!   

No entry fee, Just show up! 

32nd Annual
Doo DahParade & Party
Saturday, July 4th, 2015
Celebrate Liberty & Lunacy at the
32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade!
Exercise your First Amendment right, through humor.
The Craziest Parade in History! 
Parade Line-up begins as early as 11:00 a.m.
1:00 p.m. - Everyone throughout Doo Dah Land, even Politicians & Cops, sing out the National Anthem!
Parade Steps Off @ 1:00 p.m.
Beer, Bands, Fun Stuff & More ~ All Day!!
Support the Bars, Restaurants and merchants on July 4th and everyday
(especially our Doo Dah Contributors!)
Parade your stuff around Short North, Victorian & Italian Villages & Harrison West

The Doo Dah Parade.
1:00 p.m.ish – 3:00 p.m.ish
1:00 p.m. - Everyone throughout Doo Dah Land, even Politicians & Cops, sing out the National Anthem!
It’s Free!
Bring a chair or blanket
Leave the water guns & balloons & pets at home please

in the Doo Dah Parade.
Line-up @ noon on Park Street
(between Buttles/Goodale)
heading north bound.
Enter in from Goodale Blvd.
There is No Entry Fee!  
You Just Show Up!
No Pre-Registration Required.
(ya, we know that's unusual)

2015 Parade Route...
Most likely Buttles to Neil to Second to High to Russell to Park

for an InSecurity position of UnImportance 
at the Doo Dah Parade. 
We offer no pay other than a T-Shirt,
whistle, water, badge
and our undying Doo Dah Love. 
Be Brave, Volunteer
or Call The Doo Dah Hotline: 

Parade Party!!! - Free Admission!
The Party starts At 10:00 A.M. and continues
well after the dust of The Doo Dah Parade has settled
(probably until 10:15 p.m. - since Doo Dah's on Saturday)
Location:  On Buttles Avenue
(Between High Street and Park Street)
Doo Dah Block Party will be Complete with Live Music,
Entertainment, Beer, Food, and Prizes. 
Thank the bands...they're all playing for FREE!!

Doo Dah Rockin' Rockers 2015 Line-Up
10 a.m.Ryan Smith
11 a.m.The Jeffs
NoonDoo Dah Dixies
1:00 p.m.National Anthem & Doo Dah Parade!
3:00 p.m.Trouble Boys
4:15 p.m.Devil Doves
5:30 p.m.McCallister 
6:45 p.m.Dan Dougan & Little Bothers
7:45 p.m.Discount Tents
8:45 p.m.The High Definitions

2015 Less-Than-Grand Marshal:

Gregg Dodd!!

The most Interviewed Man on Earth! 


2015 Doo Dah DisOrganizer DisHonoree:

John Allen & The Short North Tavern Staffers!

Map to Doo Dah
Parade Route

Our Old Web-site that we out grew (Great hysterical facts) 

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Oh, and we are registered with Ohio's Secretary of State. 

 sign up for "Doo Dah Parade InVolunteer & InSecurity."








Our Fallen Troops

12 Slain Paris “I Am Charlie” Staffers

Jerry Patterson

Pat Moorehead

Mary Boyd

Paris the Doo Dah Poodle

Bill Lewis & Stephanie Fibelkorn

Mayor Dana G. “Buck” Rinehart

Ohio Festival Blogger
CD102.5 - The Alternative Station

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Don't step in Doo-Doo! CowTV presents highlights from the 2009 Doo-Dah Parade from cowtvprod on Video.

Doo Dah Parade 2008
Picture by Illumiquest
Doo Dah Parade 2008
Picture by Illumiquest
Doo Dah Parade 2008
Picture by Illumiquest
Doo Dah Parade 2008
Picture by Illumiquest

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