The Doo Dah Parade - Columbus, OH

Where In The Heck Should I Park Dah Car!?!?!


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Don't hold us responsible for parking tickets. 
If you drive, you must be able to read...
Read the darn signs/meters to make sure it's free!

1st female Less-Than-Grand Marshal!
Andrea Cambern of WBNS 10 TV

  • Lot Next to Mac's Cafe (High Street)
  • Lot Next to Skully's Music-Diner (High Street)
  • Lot Next to White Castle (High Street)
  • Lot Next to Convention Center (High Street) Plus, they have a new garage on Goodale!
  • Streets behind Giant Eagle (Thurber Drive)
  • Lot across the street from Zeno's (3rd Avenue)
  • Hubbard Avenue School (Wilbur Avenue - 1 block North of Hubbard - careful here.... new signs could be up)
  • Any street that is NOT on the parade route and does NOT have permit parking.
  • The Hub Parking Garage (near LaFagota & Union Food + Cafe')
  • SCREW THE VALET PARKING, USE A LOT or WALK or Bike it or COTA it.  There might be a bike station in the park near the Gazebo.
  • The NEW CBus!  It's free! (check for holiday schedule)
  • There's several parking garages in Arena District.  Stop in at Park Street Tavern or Park Street Patio for a refreshment on the way to up line-up)
  • Parking is allowed IN Goodale Park, but NOT on the grass - Don't be a Grasshole! If you plan on parking in the lots of Goodale Park, arrive very early before line-up closes off the entrance. There's also a parking lot on west side of park coming in off Dennison Ave.
  • On Goodale Blvd (along the south side of the park) are TONS of parking spaces.
  • Parking garage in South Campus Gateway  - walk down or take COTA (remember - Holiday hours)
  • Don't park anywhere, stick a sign on your car and drive IN the Doo Dah Parade!
  • Here's a link to look at details parking in the Short North 
  • (old site where we ran out of space)

    If you're an InVolunteer & InSecurity and need to park....ask where the secret lot is!

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